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        Customer Reviews

        Excellent selection of Indian and English fusion food has a very wide buffet menu with many vegetarian options. There is also a wide selection of desserts, although it should be noted you are only allowed to get 2 scoops of ice cream ? The restaurant itself can get very busy so plan in advance before going there, otherwise you might be in for a really long wait. ? The restaurant is clean and spacious. The staff is friendly and polite. Recommend for a lovely Indian buffet

        Great place to eat and socialise with family friend’s. I have been going there for all my family birthday parties and the waiter’s service is very friendly and professional. Throughout the meal they look after you and fulfill your every need from drinks to extra tables.

        Recommend the place and also the food. My favorite is the Saag dish. You are spoilt for choice thou and they have many varieties and taste all wonderful.

        Great place for kids and families.


        if you have family that all like something different then this is the place, from Salad to Pasta, Curries to Pizza in a place that is buzzing.
        Cosy atmosphere · Creative cuisine · Cheap eats · Great food


        Not my first visit by a long stretch and I keep going back for a reason. The food was beautifully fresh, so tasty, and plentiful. Fresh supplies just kept on coming. The place was packed with happy customers, really busy, and yet the waiting staff were happy and courteous without exception. They coped with all the pressure so well. I shall be back again soon as will my friends, we love the place.


        A great place to eat. A fantastic range of food with everything from Indian street food to pizzas for the kids. Also some dishes are made to order like stir fries and you can watch the chef’s make it with the ingredients you chose. Make sure your really hungry as there is so much choice. My advice is have a little of everything as you can keep going back as much as you like for more.


        Fantastic food, buffet bar style, polite helpful staff, amazing chefs, good relaxed atmosphere. You could not want more for a meal out at good price.


        Great place to eat & plenty of choice my kids love this place. Something for all ages to enjoy there food.

        Buffet style all you can eat. Something for everybody. My two boys aged 15 and 8 loved it so can’t be bad.


        Buffet style all you can eat. Something for everybody. My two boys aged 15 and 8 loved it so can’t be bad.


        A feast of delights. Gorgeous fresh foods. Eyes bigger than tum. Staff were excellent. Family atmosphere. We will definitely return. Wonderful place.


        This is not your usual curry house. Feast India specialises in real Indian food, all the traditional recipes done perfectly, and their huge number of diners of Indian origin appreciate that. Even though the place was completely rammed at 7 on a Saturday evening and the staff were run off their feet, we had a wonderful time.


        We enjoyed feast India. It has a vast variety of dishes to choose from. It has a good option of drinks to choose from. It’s a nice place to entertain your family. The food was nice, the service was good and overall a nice experience well worth a visit. …
        Great food · Classic cocktails · Stylish interior


        I cannot rate this restaurant highly enough, we tried it on a recommendation and we were absolutely delighted. Amazing food, so much to choose from, attentive staff and relaxed fun atmosphere. Thanks to all the staff.


        Unbelievably good! Food fantastic, service wonderful.


        This restaurant has a variety of options to eat, you could eat indo-Chinese, Indian, etc. In the inside it was very clean, they were also playing nice music in the background. The food was excellent and so were the waiters. I recommend this restaurant to everyone.