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        About Feast India


        Tuesday – Thursday ( Adult £17.95, Child – £8.95 )

        Friday Saturday & Sunday ( Adult £19.95, Child – £10.95 )
        Sunday lunch
        Adult – £13.95
        Child – £7.50

        (Children between the age of 4 years to 11 years will be charged the children’s price)

        Live Stations may close early.



        Monday?– CLOSED?

        Tuesday?– 6pm till 10pm

        Wednesday?– 6pm till 10pm

        Thursday?– 6pm till 10pm

        Friday?– 6pm till 10.30pm

        Saturday? – 5pm till 11pm

        Sunday?– 12.30pm till 3pm LUNCH / 5pm till 10pm DINNER


        Live Stations may close early.


        PLEASE NOTE:?Live kitchens may close earlier on quieter evenings – please call the restaurant for late bookings.

        Car Parking

        Please note we have a car park on site and additional parking is available during the evenings across Melton Road.