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        Feast India, Leicester

        A’la carte buffet restaurant and takeaway. Serving exquisite Indian and Indo-Chinese Cuisine

        The Ultimate Indian Experience

        “A fabulous place to go for a night out”

        Feast India Events


        Welcome to the
        Ultimate Indian Experience!

        Step into a food lover’s paradise! Six live theatre kitchens ready to serve you an endless array of Indian cuisine in a beautiful setting combining ancient and modern day India. Try it all for just one set price!


        Enjoy a cocktail in the Pavilion Lounge and take in a history of Indian Cricket, sit back and relax with a dessert overlooking Marine Drive in Bombay, savour the fresh cooking aromas as you dine around the food bazaar, or simply let your mind wander through the years in the intimate Bollywood booths.

        Using only the best ingredients, the finest herbs and the most delicate spices, our team of chefs have been brought together from every corner of India to create the ultimate Indian dining experience. Savour the flavour of our truly traditional recipes as you wander around the kitchens and taste what the whole of India has to offer.

        With the menu changing on a daily basis, you’ll be sure to try something new each time you visit and all for one set price!

        Enjoy a fabulous night out at Feast India


        For details of opening times, prices and special events please visit our?INFO PAGE.

        CALL 0116 2582590

        Planning an Event or Celebration?

        Why not let us help . . .
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