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        Due to maintenance reasons and the Restaurant reopening for Dine In from 17th May 21, our takeaway service will be temporarily closed until 30th June 2021


        Using the freshest ingredients creating dishes from every corner of India, there truly is something for everyone.

        Enjoy the ultimate Indian dining experience at home. Collection & Delivery. See our menu & order online

            MENU & ORDER   

        Feast India Takeaway, Opening Hours

        Please note the below opening hours are for our takeaway service only. For our regular Restaurant opening hours & further info please visit our Restaurant website

        Wednesday - Thursday: 5:00pm - 8:30pm

        Friday- Saturday: 5:00pm - 9:30pm

        Sunday: 5:00pm - 8:30pm


        10% OFF your total order, for collection only.


        Free Delivery with in 3 miles radius. Min order of £25 applies


        Tap, Order, Collect

        Feast India Chaats

        Mouthwatering Chaats

        Feast India Curries

        Authentic Curries

        Feast India Indo Chinese

        Flavoursome Indo Chinese

        Use our Mobile Web App

        No download required. Our app works on the web for Andorid/Iphone. Order online, get loyalty rewards and receive special offers. It's fast, simple, easy. 

        From Facebook tap the three dots right hand corner, open in your phones browser and add to home screen. 

        From Chrome/Safari either add to home screen from the browser or when you see the prompt at the bottom. 

        Choose from fresh mouth-watering kebabs, our fiery specialist Indo-Chinese stir fry, giant crispy pancakes from the Deep South, the street snacks of Bombay and dishes from every corner of India.

        We offer an extensive range of delicious dishes to cater for all taste buds. Our chefs freshly prepare India's finest Cuisine.

        Using only the best ingredients, the finest herbs and the most delicate spices, our team of chefs have been brought together from every corner of India.